Swallow a Raisin; Gain a little Reason

With Books like The 100-Mile Diet and The Omnivores Dilemma plugging in popular culture to the connection between quality of food and the health of the planet, it was only a matter of time before the Climate Café Collective hosted an evening on food consumption. During the last Café (Eat Locally, Think Globally), guest speaker Christina Beaudoins of Slow Food Vancouver conducted an experiment. She offered everyone at the meeting a plump, organic raisin. After asking us to place the raisin in our mouth but not to swallow, Christina asked everyone to consider the texture, size and finally the taste of the raisin. Only after several minutes were we allowed to swallow. I, for one, had to consciously hold-back from swallowing the sweet little treat that was in my mouth. I just wasn’t used to eating slowly. The experience lingered with me and a few days later, when I succumbed to the convenience and speed of a fast-food meal, I decided to put Christina’s experiment to the test with an out-of-the-bag burger and fries. What I learned was this: not only do the makers of fast-food expect you to eat their “food” quickly; they also depend on it. Although fast food fills you quickly, it doesn’t exactly provide the kind of tastes you want hanging around your mouth. So the next time you pull away from the drive thru, take a bite and hold it in your mouth for no less than two minutes. Explore its texture, shape and taste and then decide if you want to swallow.

(If you’d like to learn more about the SlowFood movement here in Vancouver, visit http://www.slowfoodvancouver.com/.

Slow Food Vancouver leader Christina Beaudoins also suggests visiting these websites if you’re looking for helpful resources to begin, sustain, and enjoy a slower lifestyle.)




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