Eat Locally, Think Globally Cafe

With so much information shared and resources given at the Food Cafe, we’ve put together this summary to help inspire you and connect you to the right services and people!

Slow Food Movement is all about bringing awareness back to food -at all stages with the hopes of creating greater satisfaction and enjoyment in the rituals of growing, preparing and consuming food.  Visit thier web site and learn more at:, or at the local chapter:

Check regularily for information on local food tastings, pot luck dinners, cycling farm tours and other food focused cycling tours around the lower mainland.

Local Farmers Market scheduals can be found at: (Vancouver markets) or (Coquitlam Markets).

Community Supported Agriculture or CSAs are a forum to support a local farmer directly by buying shares in the farm and sharing the produce grown with other shareholders.  Not only do you revieve the freshest of food direct from the farm, you can also feel good about providing a little security to the farming community. For more information or to link to a farmer visit:

Community Gardens are popping up all over the city whether it be on public or private land and are a great way to get your hands dirty and grow your own food. links those with land (ie backyards) and those without land, but a desire to tend a garden.


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