Heather Harrison – Climate Café Chair:
Heather is a philosophy instructor at Kwantlen University College. Her passion is to empower her students to think critically so that they are responsible and engaged citizens. Her belief in the necessity of engagement in the political process for democracy to work motivates not only her teaching but her political and social activism. She believes that the power of the masses is the only real possibility for change. And with the next generation facing the dire consequences of global warming, she believes that there has never been a more critical need for action.

Heather ran for city council in the last civic election and for the NDP nomination in Point Grey in the last provincial election.

kurtsmallKurt Heinrich:
Kurt has a BA in history from Bishop’s University and an MA in history from the University of Victoria. He’s currently completing a journalism program at BCIT and has become increasingly interested in the small steps we can all take to reduce our eco-footprint. Over the past year, Kurt has worked and volunteered in both municipal and provincial politics and has recently worked on a transit campaign with SPEC.
JesJessica Logher:
Jessica is a high school teacher in Vancouver and North Vancouver. She believes in the power that youth have to be leaders and hopes to instill a sense of responsibility and connection to the natural world in her students, as well as her community. She has worked with the UBC Farm and for the Pt. Grey Global Warming Forum with hopes of motivating others to take action to address the issues that face our planet today. Jessica also works on a glaciology research project in the St. Elias Mountains in the Yukon with colleagues from UBC and SFU. She is continually inspired by the magnificence of glaciers, but also by their vulnerability to climate change.

Gabriel Menard:

My name is Gabriel Ménard and I am a full time graduate student with a very strong background in science and an immense passion for the environment. My interests lie in fighting climate change at both the local and global levels. I am interested in studying the varying effects of climate change across countries worldwide as well as raising awareness among the general public, and all levels of government, about these effects and the types of preventative actions that can be taken. I particularly enjoy talking with individuals about environmental issues, and discussing how to live a more sustainable lifestyle on an everyday basis.



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